mping – send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to multiple network hosts.


# cd /usr/ports/net/mping/ && make install clean


mping [-rqvpmfn46a] [-c count] [-i interval] [-s packetsize] [-w waittime] [hosts...]
Packet options:
  -r             No routing
  -q             Quiet
  -v             Verbose
  -p             Show data in shorter style
  -m             Print median instead of max
  -f             Print 10/50/90 percentile instead of min/avg/max
  -F hostlist    Get list of hosts from file
  -c count       Send count packets
  -i             interval in ms between packets(default is 100ms)
  -s packetsize  Size of icmp packet(s)
  -w waittime    Time in secs to wait after last packet(2s)

DNS options:
  -n             No reverse DNS lookups
  -4             Prefer IPv4 adress on multiple DNS hits
  -6             Prefer IPv6 adress on multiple DNS hits

Timing options:
  -a             Automatically scale SI time units (sec/msec/usec)

                 Note: This has no effect if used together with -p,
                       as this will make mping default to using msec

About mping:
  -V             Show version info
# # mping -s 1372
PING                                   : 1372 data bytes
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=1 time=26.345 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=2 time=26.620 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=3 time=26.458 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=4 time=26.507 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=5 time=26.701 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=6 time=26.709 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=7 time=26.350 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=8 time=26.665 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=9 time=26.344 msec
1380 bytes from                          : icmp_seq=10 time=26.342 msec

---- MPING Statistics----
10 packets transmitted to each host 10 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip (msec)  min/avg/max/square-sum = 26.342/26.504/26.709/7024.896


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