Настройка связки Clamav + samba-virusfilter

Настройка связки Clamav + samba-virusfilter.

Ставим из портов samba-virusfilter

cd /usr/ports/security/samba-virusfilter && make install clean

Добавляем поддержку  ClamAV в smb.conf:

        vfs objects = svf-clamav
        svf-clamav:socket path = /var/run/clamav/clamd.sock
        svf-clamav:scan on open = yes
        svf-clamav:scan on close = no
#       svf-clamav:max file size = (bytes, default 10^8)
#       svf-clamav:min file size = (bytes, default 10)
#       svf-clamav:infected file action = nothing | quarantine | delete

        svf-clamav:infected file action = quarantine
        svf-clamav:quarantine directory  = /smb/quarantine
        svf-clamav:quarantine prefix = vir.
#       svf-clamav:infected file command = command
#       svf-clamav:scan error command = command

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