Microsoft Edge 108: brings better privacy with ECH, adds another helpful feature

Microsoft has released the version 108 of its Edge browser on the Stable channel. This update includes new features for IT pros as well as important security fixes.


Microsoft has released the latest Stable version of its Edge browser with version 108.0.1462.42. The new release comes with a more secure encryption policy with TLS-encrypted Client Hello or ECH that helps enhance privacy. The new feature is an upgraded extension over TLS and helps protect the Server Name Indication (SNI) as well. ECH succeeds the previous ESNI or enhanced SNI.


Aside from that, the new version also brings an option to hide the App launcher. Of course, there are security fixes as well. You can find the full release notes below:

Version 108.0.1462.42:


  • This update to Extended Stable contains a fix for CVE-2022-4262, which has been reported by the Chromium team as having an exploit in the wild.
  • This update contains the following Microsoft Edge-specific updates:
    • CVE-2022-41115
    • CVE-2022-44688
    • CVE-2022-44708

Feature updates

  • Graph APIs for Cloud Site List Management. New Graph APIs that allow IT admins in organizations to create, manage, and publish their site lists for IE mode in the cloud.

Policy updates

  • New policies
    • EncryptedClientHelloEnabled – TLS Encrypted ClientHello Enabled
    • NewTabPageAppLauncherEnabled – Hide App Launcher on Microsoft Edge new tab page
  • Obsoleted policy
    • NewSmartScreenLibraryEnabled Enable new SmartScreen library

You can find more details about the latest Edge version 108.0.1462.42 on Microsoft’s official website.

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