Microsoft Edge 114 launches in the stable channel with Workspaces and more


Microsoft has launched the latest version of its Edge browser to the stable channel. The official build number is 114.0.1823.37. This update includes the previously revealed Edge Workspaces feature, which allows people to share the same tab sets and more.


Feature updates

Microsoft Edge Workspaces. Edge Workspaces provides a way for customers to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows. Edge Workspaces lets users share a set of browser tabs so working groups can view the same websites and latest working files in one place and stay on the same page. Each Edge Workspace contains its own set of tabs and favorites, all created and curated by the user and their collaborators. Edge Workspaces are automatically saved and kept up to date. For more information, see Microsoft Edge Workspaces.

New policies

Obsoleted policy

  • MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled – Determines whether the Microsoft Root Store and built-in certificate verifier will be used to verify server certificates

Additional policy changes

You can find out more about the new policies at Microsoft’s site. You can also learn more about the new security updates to Edge 114 at the Microsoft security site, which includes info on two specific Edge security patches.


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