WhatsApp Could Soon Let You Use Your Account on Other Devices


If the latest leak is anything to go by, WhatsApp is currently in the development of a new feature that will allow Android devices to link multiple phones onto the same account. The multi-device feature made its way to the latest WhatsApp beta build and should be coming to the public at a later date.


WhatsApp Web has been available to the users for some time but the new feature is going to actually allow the consumers to use the same account on multiple devices and while this might seem like a redundant feature to most, it actually is very useful considering how you would not have to worry about using a single device for all their conversations.

Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices Could be Game Changing

The leak is coming as a courtesy of WaBetaInfo, and WhatsApp users will be able to link their accounts to a secondary Android device, for instance, a tablet. There is going to be a new UI section called “Register Device as Companion”

At the moment, the registration process on the latest beta build will require you to scan a QR  code on the secondary “companion” device, but this feature could soon change if and when the feature goes live.

However, it is also not clear if the feature is going to be available outside beta, considering how WhatsApp could just go ahead and scrape the whole thing but we will keep you posted if something changes.

Do you think that this feature is something that might kickstart a change for WhatsApp or is it another feature that should not be coming. Let us know what you think.

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