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Windows 10 22H2

Microsoft has confirmed that the next version of Windows 10 is "version 22H2," which is slated to start rolling out later this year as a feature update


Microsoft has already begun testing the new Windows 10 22H2 version in the Windows Insider Release preview channel, allowing both consumers and the enterprise to test its new feature before it is officially released.


Windows 10 22H2 is not a significant release and does not bring a major overhaul to Windows 10, but Microsoft says this update comes with a scoped set of new features. In terms of hardware and driver requirements, there are absolutely no changes.

In fact, your existing drivers, including those installed for Windows 10 version 2004, will continue to work normally on Windows 10 version 22H2.

What’s new in Windows 10 version 22H2

While Microsoft has released Windows 10 version 22H2 for testing, it has not released a list of new features other than saying it would have a scoped set of features.

However, it is believed that any new features coming to Windows 10 will be more enterprise-centric, with few new features being added.

However, from release notes seen for current versions of Windows 10, we can see that Microsoft continues to invest development time in improving existing features, such as Focus Assist and Windows Autopilot.

For example, the recent KB5015878 update includes these new features:

  •  Gives you the option to receive important notifications when focus assist is on. Focus assist is like a do not disturb mode that hides notifications.
  • Restores functionality for Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios that are affected by the security mitigation for hardware reuse.

The company plans to release the feature update via an enablement package, similar to the previous Windows 10 releases.

The enablement package is a “master switch” that would simply turn on dormant features. In other words, the features of Windows 10 version 22H2 are already included in Windows 10’s latest cumulative updates.

How to download version 22H2

The update is expected to roll out in October or November as an optional update for Windows 10.

To get the update via enablement package or version 22H2, users should be using the latest cumulative updates. Once you’ve installed the cumulative updates, just go to o Settings Update & Security and begin the download by clicking the ‘Download & install now” button.

If you want to try it right now, you can join the Release Preview Channel and follow the above steps.

Microsoft has also made the Windows 10 22H2 ISO available for download via the Windows Insider program for those who wish to perform a clean install.

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