ARM launches Cortex-X4 as its fastest CPU yet, Cortex-A720 and A520 tag along


ARM unveiled its latest computing solutions today, including the Cortex-X4, the company’s latest CPU. The middle Cortex-A720 and small Cortex-A520 have also been launched today, offering a promise of performance and efficiency. In addition, ARM also introduced the fifth-generation GPUs, including the Immortalis G720, Mali G720, and Mali G620.


ARM flexes new and powerful CPU cores

The new Cortex-X4 is designed to offer a 15% higher performance than the X3 while operating at equal power. The X3 itself achieved a 25% speed increase compared to the X2. Additionally, the X4 offers a significant 40% reduction in power consumption for equivalent performance. The X4 is optimized for speed and is set to become ARM’s fastest CPU core ever, with expected clock speeds of 3.4GHz.


Further, the middle Cortex-A720 is the latest generation of Arm’s big core, optimized for efficiency, meaning it is ideal for tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering. The A720 is 20% more efficient than the A715, which itself was 20% more efficient than the A710. This means that the A720 can deliver the same performance as the A715 while using 20% less power, or the same performance as the A710 while using 40% less power.

The Cortex-A520 is in-order core, meaning it executes instructions in the order they are received. It is designed so that two cores can share execution units, allowing ARM to reduce the size of the core and the amount of silicon it takes up. This also allows the A520 to be 22% more efficient than the A510.

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